Welcome to Zeros & Won.

Below are some of the technologies and services I support everyday that you might read about in the blog pages here.

You can also find me at my second blog home with Skyline ATS. Make sure to check their About as well!

  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco Firewalls
  • Cisco WLC
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Cisco IronPort ESA
  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Duo
  • Cisco Stealthwatch
  • Cisco ISE
  • Cisco Call Manager/Unity
  • Cisco Emergency Responder
  • Cisco Expressways
  • Cisco UCCX
  • SolarWinds Orion
  • Prime Infrastructure 3.1

So not much at all…